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BC, Canada
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Last Updated:  August 05, 2010 

Email Webmistress  Lorilei  to get your name, email, location and personal/business website listed.
We need your name (Maiden too if applicable), general location and complete email to list it below.

Those of you who want to submit a 'Now' photo can do so - especially important for those who didn't get to attend the reunion in person!   Just send along a .jpg (or a couple) to kataz AT telus.net   (Preferably a .jpg of less than 1.0 Mb)    Please indicate in the email subject that it is for grad84 and include your name (maiden if applicable) and the year taken and they will be linked as soon as possible. You can also send along a little bio and such too if you'd like. I can also just put in your Facebook, Twitter or MySpace page links under the website listings for people to find you all.(ie. click on the names that are underlined and you will see a photo hopefully).  =)

All emails are listed with the AT standing in for the @ symbol to help cut down on email harvesting. You can still click on the email listed and the link should be in line to launch an email to the person in question.

 Grad Contact Email Listings

Listed by GRADUATION / MAIDEN name for ease

AASEN, Angela (now Pawloski) tna722 AT shaw.ca Nanaimo * * *
ABBOTT, Val (now Irwin) tvirwin AT direct.ca Pemberton * * *
AITKEN, Les   Nanaimo * * *
AMAN, Cheryl cherlla AT interchange.ubc.ca Vancouver  
ANDREWS, Pam (now Graham) dgraham1 AT telus.net Nanaimo * * *
ARMITAGE, Angela (now Wunderlick) wunderang AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
ASHLEY, Dave dcashley AT telus.net Surrey * * *
AXELSON, Heather (now Huitika) hhuitika AT shaw.ca Vancouver Area * * *
BAGSHAW, Paul paulbagshaw AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
BAILEY, Dave dave.sue AT shaw.ca    
BAMFORD, Greg greg AT ebssystems.com Port Coquitlam  
BARCLAY, Les lesliebarclay AT yahoo.com Nanaimo * * *
BARLOW, Laurie (now Sinclair) lillylou82 AT hotmail.com Port Alberni  
BARONIT, Debbie      
BARRATT, Ariel (now Twarog) Nanaimo  
BARTON, Sharon (now Mummery) smum AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
BECK, Janice (now Campbell) trooper1 AT telus.net Nanaimo  
BELCHER, Cathy (now MacKenzie) ca.mackenzie AT shaw.ca Parksville  
BERGMAN, Debby (now Seriani) debglenseriani AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
BESSON, Kim (now Strathearn) dcs AT uniserve.com Maple Ridge  
BIGGINS, Rachelle (now Rice) rachelle AT island.net Nanaimo  
BISHOP, Christina      
BLACKHALL, Diana (now Clover) Victoria  
BONKOWSKI, Cathy   Nanaimo  
BOULTON, Molly (now Cameron) mollycameron AT hotmail.com    
BOYD, F. Scott scottboyd66 AT yahoo.ca Nanaimo  
BRENTON, Cathy Catherine.Brenton AT globaltv.ca    
BRICE, April      
BRIGHT, Susan      
BRIX, Patty (now Widsten) dbunnee AT hotmail,com. Nanaimo  
BROWN, Leanne lbrown AT lwhs.com Vancouver President - Lifeworks Health Systems
BROWN, Tamara (now Taylor) ttaylor AT islandnet.com Duncan  
BROWN, Tim tbrown29 AT shaw.ca Duncan  
BUCHANAN, Michelle (now Smith) plsmith AT island.net Heriot Bay, BC  
BURGOYNE, Marianne (now McRae) mcraefamily AT shaw.ca Abbotsford  
BUTTERFIELD, Joan (now Mayer) mjmayer AT shaw.ca Victoria  
BUTTERWORTH, Debbie (now Simpo)   Lantzville Heavenly Escape Esthetics
BYSTEDT, Kelly      
CARR, Don cruiser AT hotmail.com Nanaimo  
CAWTHORNE, Stacy blackie AT nisa.net Nanaimo  
CHADWICK, Dean      
CHADWICK, Diane      
CHARBONNEAU. Melissa (now Yates) emilyanneyates AT hotmail.com Heriot Bay, BC  
CHARLES, Donna      
CHARLES, Greg  greganddar AT shaw.ca North Delta  
CHIN, Ronald rchin AT farris.com Vancouver  Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP
CHRISTIANSON, Mark mark_christianson AT mohawkind.com    
COLLINS, Roy tubber AT telus.net    
CONSTABLE, Tanya (now Peace) tpeace AT sd68.bc.ca Nanaimo  
COOK, Michele michelec AT newvista.bc.ca Vancouver  
COUGHTRY, Darren   adrenaln AT telus.net Nanaimo Facebook Site
CROSS, Deirdre ((Dee Dee)) deirdrec AT gen-probe.com Kirkland, WA  
CROWE, Kyle kyleacrowe AT yahoo.ca Nanaimo  
DAWKIN, Donna auntidonna AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
DAYLEY, Tracey (now Collins) tubber AT telus.net    
DELAWSKY, Joe jdelawsky AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
DICK, Trevor trevor AT flyingbow.com Guelph, Ontario Flying Bow Ministries
DODD, Harjinder hdodd AT yahoo.com Seattle, Wash  
DOHM-SMIDT, Melissa (now Mayzes) mmayzes AT shaw.ca North Vancouver  
DOWSWELL, Kim (now Elhorn) kim AT elhorn.ca Nanaimo  
EINARSEN, Brad brad AT hks.ca Ontario http://www/einarsen.ca -or-  http://www.hks.ca 
EMMERSON, Donna cwnash AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
EWEN, Theresa hewlin AT shaw.ca Victoria  
FARRELL, Bev (now Maguire) patbev AT shaw.ca ?    
FARRELL, Linda (now Sakatch) sakatch AT telusplanet.net  ?    
FAUCHON, Tammy (now Read) mrread AT telus.net Langley  

FEHR, Barb (now Stanley)

b.stanley AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
FELLER, Tami (now Maybin) tmaybin AT thomascook.ca Nanaimo Thomas Cook Travel
FERGUSON, Farren fjferguson AT shaw.ca Nanaimo * * *
FISHER, Mark manufan66 AT yahoo.ca    
FITZPATRICK, Lara larasworld AT excite.com    
FORRESTER, Kate ((Catherine)) swimwithstingrays AT yahoo.ca Burnaby  
FORSYTH, Lindsay forsythlindsay AT hotmail.com Ladysmith  
FOX, Sheldon sheldonfox AT yahoo.com Vancouver Area  
FRASER, Scott corony AT shaw.ca Lazo, BC  
FRAZER, Lisa      
FRIED, Yvonne   Victoria  
GANDERTON, Wendy (now Harwood) wendypls AT telus.net Nanaimo  
GERVAN, Mark mmnever AT shaw.ca Victoria  
GILLRIE, Darrin gillrie AT telusplanet.net    
GLAHOLM, Suzanne (now Jamieson) hewlin AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
GOLDGRUBER, Peter pgoldgruber AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
GRAVES, Diana (now Nordstrom) diananord AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
GREAVES, McLean (now Mashingaidze) mmgsub AT nimble.tv Toronto, ON http://mmgblog.rapspace.tv
GRIMES, Tammy (now Szczyglowski) mark.szczyglowski AT sympatico.ca Toronto, ON  
GROVER, Robin (now Tonack) tapers AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
GUILD, Brent brentguild AT hotmail.com Langford
HALSALL, Joan (now Johnson) raccoonjlj AT hotmail.com  Victoria  
HANN, George hann AT ctb.ne.jp Japan * * *
HARDY, Karen (now Hall) karen AT karenhall.ca Belcarra     http://www.karenhall.ca
HARDY, Lana oldmthrhub AT yahoo.com Coquitlam  
HAUGHTON, Michelle michelleh AT look.ca    
HERTLEIN, Brenda (now Krastel) brenda.krastel AT nanaimo.ca Nanaimo  
HIGSON, Nick nhigson AT sisd.org Thorne Bay, AK  
HILLERT, Lisa (now Ostle) c/o anchorfamilymedicine AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
HONAN, Janet (now Seeley) janet AT haidarealty.com  Leduc, AB Haida Realty
HORVAT, Ron      
HUBBARD, Lana hardylana AT shaw.ca Coquitlam  
HUDON, Rob robth AT telus.net Surrey  
HUGHES, Michele (now Wuerch) mwuerch AT telus.net Nanaimo  
HUMPHRIES, Julie (now Dawson) dawsonajc AT shaw.ca Chilliwack  
IBBOTT, Greg gibbott AT grantthornton.ca Vancouver Area?  
JAHNKE, Jeanette (now Parker)

packo7 AT shaw.ca

High River, AB  
JANNS, Bruce bjjans AT shaw.ca Surrey  
JARVIE, Denise (now Langill) deniselangill AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
JENSEN, Ingrid   USA Ingrid Jensen
JONES, Lisa (now Crucil) crucilfamily AT shaw.ca    
JONES, Patricia (now Smith, Trish) trike AT shaw.ca Nanaimo * * *
KELLY, Feron (now Walker) ocean56 AT hotmail.com Nanaimo  
KEMP, Grant 

gkemp10 AT gmail.com

KIELBISKI, Terri (now Kwartz) anjelkiss AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
KLATT, Greg glklatt AT shaw.ca Lantzville  
KLUEY, Terri highlander AT lightspeed.ca ? Delta http://www.wilmstumour.com/personal/index.html
KRALL, Michelle (now Wigmore) dkrallfanclub AT shaw.ca Nanoose Bay * * *
KRASTEL, Janet (now Ashcraft) myjano AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
KREUGER, Natalie (now Cuthbert) ncuthbert AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
KROPLENSKI, Marla (now Hunt) marladhunt AT shaw.ca Victoria  
LACASSE, Yvonne yvonnelacasse AT hotmail.com Victoria  
LAINCHBURY, Kevin kaylain AT island.net Richmond  
LAMBERT, Rhonda (now Jansen, Rhodie) rhodie_j AT shaw.ca Cedar  
LANCE, Warren aplance AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
LANDRY, Alina alina_landry AT yahoo.ca Nanaimo  
LEWIS, Kent kentlewis14 AT hotmail.com Powell River  
LIEBICH, Scott                        scottliebich AT nationalimporters.com North Delta  
LITTLE, Julie (now Sampson) julesmiester AT hotmail.com   Nanaimo  
LOEHR, Lisa (now Frazer) lisa-frazer AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
LOGAN, A,.J. justin_taylor_logan AT yahoo.com  Nanaimo  
LYALL, Dr. Jennifer (now Cortez) j.cortez AT shaw.ca Comox  
LYNCH, Linda (now Nantais) nantais AT shaw.ca Nanaimo * * *
MacLELLAN, Linda (now Gingras) lingingras AT shaw.ca Victoria  
MacKENZIE, Sandra (now Defosse) sandradefosse AT hotmail.com Saskatchewan * * *
MALOVEC, Darlene (now Schmidt) darschmidt AT telus.net Campbell River  
MANNS, Todd tpmanns AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
MATSON, Helena (now Filmer)   helena.filmer AT shaw.ca Victoria  
MATTICKS, Shannon esw765 AT hotmail.com    
MAYER, Michael mjmayer AT shaw.ca Victoria  
McCOLL, Carolyn carolyn.mccoll AT telus.com Burnaby  
McCULL, Catherine cmcull AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
McFATE, Tina (now Bursey) cbursey AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
McKAY, Stuart stuartmckay99 AT hotmail.com Sooke  
McNABB, Chrystal (now Palaty) cpalaty AT shaw.ca Vancouver Metaphase Health Research Consulting
McNEIL, Charlie katrinka AT telusplanet.net Peace River, AB  
McNEIL, Dave mcneildave AT hotmail.com Nanaimo  
McNEIL, Leah (Armbruster --- now BROWN) leahandbrian AT shaw.ca Crofton  
MARTIN, Holly hmartin AT columbusresidence.ca Vancouver  
MILNE, Sandra (now Doumont) peryan AT shaw.ca Lantzville  
MISHIO, Marlene (now Georgica) georgicafamily AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
MONK, Lisa (now Di Marco) lisa.dimarco AT interselbrass.com     
MORISON, Noreen rainbow_bright1142 AT hotmail.com Parksville  
MURPHY, Darren darrenm AT island.net Nanaimo  
MYERS, Michelle (now Zowty) mzowty AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
NEY, Monique mney AT uvic.ca Victoria  
NORMAN, Glenn   duckfart AT shaw.ca Nanaimo * * * 
NOWAK, Linda (now Fentress)   jlfentress AT aol.com Columbia, MO Woodcrest Chapel
O'DONNELL, Kevin kmodinjp AT hotmail.com Kawage, Japan  
O'DWYER, Pat patwodwyer AT yahoo.com Nanaimo  
O' FLANAGAN, Tracy (now Bannatyne) tracybannatyne AT hotmail.com Nanaimo  
PARK, Elizabeth lizpark AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
PARKER, Mike parkerm AT telusplanet.net Alberta  
PETREMAN, Rhonda (now Kelly) rcharms AT telus.net Nanaimo
PLECAS, Lori  (now Thompson, Lorilei)  kataz AT telus.net Surrey * *  WEBMISTRESS * *
PLENSKY, Leanne (now Maulsby) cmaulsby AT telus.net Victoria  
PODRITSKE, Cindy c/o  lingingras AT shaw.ca Fort St John  
POTTS, Arlene (now Lance) aplance AT shaw.ca  Nanaimo Universal Balance
PUNT, Tiera   (now Vale)      Nanaimo  
RAMOV, Ramona (now Scholfield) paulschol AT hotmail.com Nanaimo ?  
RANGER, Cheryl (now Wellmer) cherranger2002 AT yahoo.com Nanaimo  
REGETZ, Darlene (now Mah) mah_dar AT hotmail.com Cassidy  
RHODE, Michael mrhode AT island.net Chemanius  * * *
RICHARD, George grichard AT prn.bc.ca Fort St John  
RITCHIE, Jim Rummyjim2001 AT aol.com Halifax  
ROBERTS, Joanne (now Wilson) chicowilso AT aol.com Chico, CA  
ROBERTS, Yvonne yvonnesian AT yahoo.com Nanaimo  
ROBINSON, Corinne (now Graves) thegraves AT telus.net Pemberton  
ROBINSON, Liana (now Stieh) drgw50 AT earthlink.net Kingston, WA  
ROBINSON, Lisa ((Toodie)) fbpeace AT telus.net Nanaimo  
ROBINSON, Lisa lisa_robinson2 AT cox.net Scottsdale, AZ  
ROBINSON, Wanda (now Wirachowsky) wwirachowsky ATshaw.ca Nanaimo  
ROGERS, Rone' (now Kelly) shakennotstirred007 AT shaw.ca Victoria  
ROSSETTO, Lucia (now MacKeigan) luciamac AT shaw.ca Vernon  
ROSSITER, Janine (now Beaudoin) janine.beaudoin AT td.com  Nanaimo TD Waterhouse Financial Planning
ROWE, Janet anikas AT telus.net Vancouver  
RYAN, Pam peryan AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
RYDER, Trish (now Hoffart) hoffart3 AT telus.net Courtney  
RYE, Donna (now Kress) donnakress AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
SAGASKY, Ray airpaint99 AT shaw.ca Aldergrove  
SAINE, Wade staticline3 AT hotmail.com Lantzville  

doug.saunders AT sca.com

South Surrey


SAXTON, Karen klsaxton AT telus.net    
SCHLITZ, Jay ttjscw ATshaw.ca Nanaimo  
SCHMIDT, Lisa ljschmidt AT shaw.ca Shawnigan Lake  
SCHMIDT, Rodger darschmidt AT telus.net Campbell River  
SCOTT, Sarah-Jane (now Quiring) soundsuccess AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
SEGGIE, Nadine (now Duesterwald) theduesterwalds AT telus.net Nanaimo  
SERIANI, Katie (now Bowell) kseriani AT insurancentres.ca Nanaimo  
SEYD, Jane ladyjane AT uniserve.com Gibsons  
SHAW, Pat washtap AT telus.net Delta  
SIMPSON, Jacqueline aepli AT shaw.ca    
SINCLAIR, Michele stitchworks AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
SINGER, Ed sundowndiving AT hotmail.com Nanaimo Sundown Diving
SMITH, Dana (now Andjelkovic) ktbandd AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
SMITH, Peter plsmith AT island.net Heriot Bay, BC  
SNITCHUK, Jeffrey versa-tile AT shaw.ca Qualicum Beach  
SPECOGNIA, Tania (now Wrubleski) tspecogna AT shaw.ca Port Moody  
STAPLE, Roy rstaple AT shaw.ca Calgary, AB  
STEVENS, Darren das722 AT hotmail.com    
STEVENS, Glenn stevensglenn2003 AT yahoo.com Nanaimo  
STOKES, Andrew aj_stokes AT yahoo.com Port Moody  
SUNDELL, Mike   Toronto  
TENNISON, Lisa (now Knelson) lisapiza AT islandnet.com Ladysmith  
THERRES, Fairn (now Champion)
beginzluck AT hotmail.com
TONOLLI, Tina (now Bishop, Christina) mommybishop AT yahoo.com Nanaimo  
TWEET, Deidre (now Murphy)   deidrelmurphy AT hotmail.com U.A.E.  
VANDERWALL, Lisa (now Ripka) c/o  anchorfamilymedicine AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
VARNEY, Darla (now Keller) darla.joe ATshaw.ca Lantzville  
VASSILOPOULOS, Frank frankvas AT shaw.ca Nanaimo Zougla Restaurant
VT, Ariel      
WALKER, Rob robwalker AT telus.net Abbotsford  
WALTERS, Tina (now Alyward) sk8er_2233 AT hotmail.com Nanaimo  
WEDHOLM, Denise (now Bosley) dbosley AT shaw.ca Nanaimo  
WHEELER, Kelly (now Simmons)      
WHITTIER, Darren whittierdj AT yahoo.ca Victoria  
WHITTIER, Joanne jowhittier AT shaw.ca Victoria  
WILSON, Brian rooferbri AT hotmail.com Nanaimo  
WILSON, Sandi (now Cienski) sandiwilson AT shaw.ca Richmond  
WOOD, Deanna dewood AT island.net Nanaimo  
WOODRUFF, Marilyn rodina AT shaw.ca Nanaimo
 * * *
WORMS, Terri ((Teresa)) wormst AT telus.net Calgary, AB  
YELLE, Alison (now O'Toole) kieva1 AT citytel.net Prince Rupert  
ZERK, Trudy (now Lowe) lowefamily AT shaw.ca Chestermere, AB